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uucing the 

R I N fi 


"Come near, my chil- 
dren, do not be afraid, 
I am here to tell you 
great news." 

Imprimi potest: 
Denis P. Monahan, M.S. 
Provincial Superior 

Nihil obstat: 
Hugh F. Blunt, LL.D. 
Censor Librorum 

© Richard J. Cushing, D.E 
Archbishop of Boston 

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March 25, 1951 
Easter Sundav 

-1951— 50,000 
-1952— 50,000 
-1953— 75,000 


On September 19, 1846, the Mother of 
God appeared high in the Alps of France, 
near the village of LaSalette. The wit- 
nesses of the event were Maximin Giraud 
and Melanie Mathieu, eleven and four- 
teen years of age respectively. The chil- 
dren first noticed the "Beautiful Lady" 
as she was seated on a stone, weeping. 
An intense light surrounded her. She 
arose and came toward the children, 
saying: "Come near, my children, do not 
be afraid. I am here to tell you great 
news." They ran to meet her. Then, she 
went on: 

1 i If my people will not submit, I shall 
be forced to let go the hand of my Son. 
It is so strong, so heavy, that I can no 
longer withhold it. How long a time do I 
suffer for you! If I would not have my 
Son abandon you, I am compelled to pray 
to Him without ceasing. And, as to you, 
you take no heed of it. However much 
you pray, however much you do, you will 
never recompense the pains I have taken 
for you. 

"Six days have I given you to labor, 

the seventh I have kept for myself; but 
it is not given to me. This is what makes 
the hand of my Son so heavy. Those who 
drive the carts cannot swear without in- 
troducing the name of my Son. These 


are the two things which make the hand 
of my Son so heavy. If the harvest is 
spoiled, it is all on your account. I gave 
you warning last year in the potatoes, but 
you did not heed it. On the contrary, 
when you found the potatoes spoiled, you 
swore, you took the name of my Son in 
vain. They will continue to decay, so that 
by Christmas there will be none left. 

' 'If you have wheat, it is useless to sow 
it; all that you sow, the insects will eat. 
What comes up will fall into dust when 
you thresh it. 

1 * There will come a great famine. 

Before the famine comes, the children 
under seven years of age will be seized 
with trembling and will die in the hands 
of those who hold them; and others will 
do penance by the famine. The walnuts 
will become worm-eaten, the grapes will 
rot. If people are converted, the stones 
and the rocks will be changed into heaps 
of wheat and the potatoes will be self- 

' i Do you say your prayers well, my 

children?" she asked. They had to reply: 
"Oh, no, Madame, not very well." "Now, 
my children," she went on, "you must be 
sure to say them well, morning and 
evening; when you cannot do better, say 
at least an Our Father and a Hail Mary. 
But when you have time, say more. 

"There are none who go to Mass but a 
few aged women ; the rest work on Sunday 
all summer, and in the winter, when they 
do not know what to do, they go to Mass 


just to mock at religion. During Lent, 
they go to the market like dogs. 

"Have you ever seen wheat that is 
spoiled, my children?" Maximin replied: 
"No, Madame, I have never seen any." 
"But, my child," she continued, "you 
must surely have seen some once, with 
your father, near Coin. The master of 
the field told your father to go and see his 
ruined wheat. You were both together. 
You took two or three of the ears into 
your hands and rubbed them and they 
just fell into dust ; and then you returned 
home. When you were still half an hour's 
distance from Corps, your father gave 
you a piece of bread and said to you; 
'Here, my child, eat some bread this year 
at least; I don't know who will eat any 
next year, if the wheat goes on like that'." 
Maximin replied: "Oh, yes, Madame, I 
remember now, just this moment; I did 
not recall." 

Having shown through this incident 
her maternal solicitude for us even in the 
details of our daily life, Our Blessed 
Mother concluded her visit with these 
words: "Now, my children, you will make 
this known to all my people." As she 
turned and walked a short distance, she 
repeated these final words. Then she 
stopped, ascended about a yard in the 
air and disappeared. 

That evening, when the children re- 
turned home, they told what had hap- 
pened. The first visitors to the scene 
remarked that a spring had arisen where 
Our Weeping Mother's feet had rested. 



"The Shrine of LaSalette is of great authen- 
ticity and is destined to have a future. I love 
this devotion and shall be glad to see it spread." 

Pope Pius IX 

u With all my heart, I bless LaSalette and 
everything that pertains to LaSalette." 

Pope Leo Xm 

Pope Pius X gave to LaSalette and its bene- 
factors his most copious blessings. 

"The devotion of Our Lady of LaSalette ought 
to spread, for it is a devotion that goes straight 
to the heart." Pope Benedict XV 

"Our Lady of LaSalette is to you a kind 
Providence." — Pope Pius XI. 

Our present Holy Father has written: "It can 
be easily understood that your Religious Family 
should particularly take to heart the Centenary 
celebration of the blessed afternoon, the 19th 
of September, 1846, when the Madonna in 
Tears came to adjure her children to enter reso- 
lutely the path of conversion to her Divine Son, 
and of reparation for so many sins that offend 
the August and Eternal Majesty. 

"Very willingly do we direct our desires and 
encouragement to the dear Missionaries of Our 
Lady of LaSalette, in the easy confidence that 
the Most Holy Virgin will, in return, be glad 
to obtain for them a great abundance of graces 
and consolation for the fruitfulness of their 
ministry, now so varied and reaching to the most 
distant fields of the Apostolate." Pope Pius XII 




O, Mary, Queen of LaSalette 
Draw close my heart to thee, 
That, near to God for evermore, 
I may thy beauty see. 

I long to dry thy tears, 
And make thy message known, 
Of penance, prayer and zeal, 
Until God calls me home. 

O! tearful Virgin of the Alps, 
Why are you weeping so? 
I would that I had never sinned, 
And made those tears to flow. 
(Repeat Chorus) 


Immaculate Mary! Our hearts are on fire; 
That title so wondrous fills all our desire! 
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! 


We pray for God's glory, May His Kingdom 

We pray for His Vicar, Our Father, and Rome. 
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! 


We pray for our Mother, the Church upon 

And bless, sweetest Lady, the land of our 

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! 


O Mary! O Mother! Reign o'er us once more: 
Be all lands thy "dowry" as in days of yore. 
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! 




To Jesus Heart all burning 

With fervent love for men, 
My heart with fondest yearning 

Shall raise the joyful strain. 

( Chorus ) 

While ages course along, 
Blest be with loudest song 
The Sacred Heart of Jesus 
By ev'ry heart and tongue, 
The Sacred Heart of Jesus 
By ev'ry heart and tongue. 


O Heart for me on fire, 

With love no man can speak, 
My yet untold desire, 

God gives me for Thy sake. 
(Repeat chorus) 



O Holy Name of Majesty and Power, 
O Sacred Name of God's own Son. 
In every joy and every weary hour, 
Be Thou our strength until life's war is won. 

( Chorus ) 

Fierce is the fight for God and the right. 
Sweet name of Jesus, in Thee is our might. 


All o'er the earth the hearts of men are dying, 
Chilled by the storms of greed and strife; 

All o'er the land rebellion's flag is flying, 
Threatening our altars and the nation's life. 

(Repeat chorus) 

^ZCT >r TKT' ^(T' ^DCT >r tMT' ^XT" 



In casting myself at thy feet, O loving 
Mother, to ask thee: (here mention your 
request), I cannot help remembering that 
thou earnest on the mountain of LaSalette, 
first of all, to remind me of my Christian 
duties. Therefore, there is no surer way 
for me to have my petition granted, than 
to return to the friendship of Jesus, by a 
sincere confession, and to endeavor, with 
my whole strength, to overcome my 
besetting sin. O Virgin Reconciler of 
sinners, obtain for me this most precious 
of all graces, for, with it all the rest shall 
be added unto me. The numberless 
miracles obtained by those who invoke 
thee under the title of Our Lady of 
LaSalette, fill my heart with hope that my 
petition shall prove as fortunate as those 
addressed to thee, by so m#ny other sup- 
pliants. Vouchsafe, O Mother, during 
each day of my novena, to instill into my 
heart some of the teachings of thy merci- 
ful Apparition. 

Practice: Consecrate yourself to Our 
Lady of LaSalette (See Page 20 ). 



O sorrowful Mother, why those tears 
shed in the wild solitude, on the rock 
which thou madest for a while thy earthly 

My child, happy would I be, if my grief 
should inspire you with a heart-felt sor- 
row for your sins, and with a firm resolu- 
tion to lead a better life! The land of your 
heart, as the Prophet says, is made 
desolate, because of your love for the 
world and its empty pleasures, because of 
your f orgetfulness to meditate upon the 
most important truths of faith, i.e., your 
last end, together with the dreadful con- 
sequences, both here and hereafter, of 
your thoughtlessness. Retire into solitude 
and there my Son will speak to your 
heart, and will breathe into your soul the 
proper means of securing your salvation. 

O Mother, the motives that urge me to 
mingle my tears with thine are innumer- 
able. I will not resist Jesus' call any 
longer. Henceforth, with thy powerful 
aid, my thoughts, words and actions shall 
correspond to the wishes of the Divine 
Heart of Jesus. 

Practice: Recite ten Hail Marys and 
ten invocations to Our Lady of LaSalette 
to ask for a deep hatred of sin. (See 
Page 19). 



What, O Mother, is the meaning of the 
bright cross which shines upon thy breast? 
Why this stream of tears trickling down 
thy heavenly face and rolling over the 
golden cross on which they are burnt 
away as on a fire of love? 

My child,was your soul never defiled by 
a mortal sin? Did you never scoff at my 
Son, thus crucifying anew your Saviour 
and your God? Is not the cross, that 
sacred emblem of salvation, scornfully 
banished from all the places where it used 
once to stand in honor? Such iniquities 
should be washed away by tears of blood! 
Strive, therefore, to appease my Son's 
wrath and to mitigate His vengeance. 
Stand in fear that the Sacred Blood which 
once flowed on Calvary, should now fall 
revengefully upon your head, and the 
heads of those you hold dearest in this 
world! Dread that you should be deserted 
by God! Contemplate Jesus on His Cross. 
Humbly adore Him and pour forth your 
most heart-felt thanks at His feet Re- 
member that, with Him, there is a remedy 
for every evil. There is no virtue but finds 
in Him a perfect model. Bear His cross on 
your breast, but chiefly in your heart. And 
in return, heaven shall be your reward. 

Practice: Kneel before a crucifix and 
say an act of contrition for your sins. 



The witnesses of thy Apparition, O 
sweet Mother, vie with each other in 
telling me of the extreme simplicity of thy 
dress, and the modesty of thy looks. What 
a lesson for my pride and vanity, to 
behold thee clothed with a common gown, 
a simple neckerchief, a humble apron, 
and a cap completely covering thy ears 
and thy hair. Who could but admire thy 
carefulness in concealing thy angelic face 
from the eyes of the small boy? No, 
sorrowful Mother, thou couldst not more 
forcibly reprove pride, luxuriousness and 
sensuality, the allurements of which make 
numberless victims, both in this world 
and in the next. Help me, O Mother, to 
fly from the world and its distractions; to 
lead an interior life in order to become 
like Saint Paul, i 'the good odor of Christ 
unto God." Help me to understand better 
that, to keep my heart pure, I must en- 
deavor to be humble, to love mortification 
and to shun the sinful pleasures of the 

Practice: Recite the Litany of Our 
Lady of LaSalette (See Page 16). 



The flood of thy tears at LaSalette, O 
sorrowful Mother, ceased only with thy 
words, as the little shepherdess said. And 
it was also noticed that thou didst weep 
more abundantly, while speaking of our 
greatest sins, i.e., blasphemy, profanation 
of the Lord's day, violation of the laws of 
fast and abstinence, rebellion against 
God and His Church, indifference in re- 
gard to thy super-natural warnings, and 
ingratitude for thy gifts and thy love. Let 
thy tear-bedewed face always be before 
my eyes, that it may soften my heart, and 
impart to it the grace of a true repentance! 
And to prove that I am heartily sorry for 
my sins, I will, from this day, spare no 
effort to combat the great crimes with 
which thou didst reproach us in thy 

Practice: Make a sacrifice in reparation 
for the sins of mankind. 



Do you pray well, my child? . . . You 
should pray well morning and evening. 
You know what my Son says about prayer 
in His Gospel: 11 We ought always to pray, 
and not to faint," i.e., not to be faint- 
hearted in prayer. 4 4 For without me," 
that is, without my grace, "you can do 
nothing" meritorious for heaven. Re- 
member that grace is granted only 
through prayer. "But," says my Son, 
"if you ask the Father anything in My 
name, He will give it to you." Ask, there- 
fore, with a pure and righteous heart, 
confidently, submissively, perseveringly, 
"and you shall receive." Prayer is the 
key of the heavenly treasures. The cry 
of your misery goes up to God, and mercy 
descends forthwith. If, then, you wish to 
be a saint, be a lover of prayer. I myself 
pray incessantly for you in heaven. — 

sweet Mother, help me to understand 
the deep meaning of these few words! 

1 will never forget that prayer is a neces- 
sity for the human heart, and the happi- 
ness of life. 

Practice: Examine yourself to see how 
you say your daily prayers. 



Who would imagine, O loving Mother, 
that man is so wicked and so careless 
about his own welfare, as to turn into a 
deadly poison for his soul what God, in 
His infinite mercy, intended for his sal- 
vation, and for his greatest happiness. 
And yet, this is exactly what we learn 
from one of thy maternal reproaches: 
"They go to Mass," sayest thou, i i only 
to scoff at religion!" 

Alas! how many Catholics are there, 
who keep entirely away from the church? 
And if they do go, their evil dispositions 
make them all the more guilty. How many 
poor sinners are there, who, instead of 
going to the sacred fountains of the Sacra- 
ments to quench the fire of their unruly 
passions, scornfully disdain these divine 
gifts and sacrilegiously profane them! 
Would to God that, with thy all powerful 
help, I should never defile my soul with 
a sacrilege. My confessions shall always 
be as sincere as I would have them when 
my last day comes. Henceforth , my 
respectful behavior in assisting at Mass, 
will prove my tender love and my pro- 
found esteem for His holy Sacrifice. 

Practice: Attend Holy Mass and re- 
ceive Holy Communion. 



O loving Mother, how vividly real do 
the secrets of thy maternal heart appear 
in thy merciful Apparition! How greatly 
they increase and strengthen my confi- 
dence in thee! O amiable Mother, how 
mercifully thou bearest the rebukes en- 
countered in thy endeavors to bring back 
to God the hearts of thy erring children. 
One may remain deaf to the call of thy 
love and engaging goodness; but he will 
yield to thy tears. For the tears of a 
mother go straight to the heart and melt 
it. But, as regards those whose hardened 
hearts despise even thy tears, thou hast 
awful threats and terrible chastisements 
in store for them. Yet, even then, how 
much like those of a mother are thy re- 
proofs and punishments! With one hand 
thou strikest, while with the other thou 
upholdest. Even when we go astray, thy 
watchful and maternal eyes follow us in 
the minutest details of life, to detect the 
slightest good sentiments of our hearts, in 
order to reward them. Who would not 
strive to inflame every heart with love 
and respect for thee? 

Practice: Speak to one of your friends 
or acquaintances of Our Lady of LaSalette. 



The days of my novena have come to an 
end, and I have hardly begun to meditate 
upon the teachings of thy Apparition. 
How solacing for our wearied hearts to 
contemplate thee and to pour forth our 
humble prayers at thy feet! Hours spent 
with thee are but as instants which pass 
with a flight as rapid as that of the 
lightning flash. But, as thou didst once 
say to the shepherds enraptured by thy 
sight: "Well, my children, you will make 
this known to all my people"; so now thou 
addressest me with the same warning: 
Well, my child, you will make my teach- 
ings known to all my people. Love re- 
joices to express itself by sacrifices and 
devotedness. Teach, then, all those about 
you the necessity of serving God. Make 
known to them the religious observances, 
and the delight found in the service of 
God. And, to fulfill this sacred duty, 
meditate upon the teachings of my 
Apparition. O my child, let your heart be 
inflamed like that of your Mother with 
the fire of holy zeal for God's glory! 
Remember that by edifying your fellow- 
creatures, and procuring their salvation, 
you secure your own. Yes! heaven is 
the prize! 

Practice: Make the Stations of the 
Cross for the souls in Purgatory. 



Our Lady of LaSalette, Mother of God, 
pray for us. 

Our Lady of LaSalette, Queen and 
Mother of men, pray for us. 

Our Lady of LaSalette, Messenger of 
Divine Mercy, pray for us. 

Our Lady of LaSalette, all-powerful 
suppliant, pray for us. 

Thou who restrainest the arm of the 
Lord angered against us, pray for us. 

Thou who sheddest so many tears on 
account of our sins and misfortunes, pray 
for us. 

Thou who carest so much for us, in 
spite of all our ingratitude, pray for us. 

Thou who dost so lovingly invite us to 
have recourse to thee, pray for us. 

Thou who dost reproach us with our 
violation of Sunday and with blasphemy, 
pray for us. 

Thou who dost complain so sorrowfully 
of the profanation of holy things, pray for 

Thou who dost so strongly recommend 
prayer, and especially morning and 
evening prayer, pray for us. 

Thou who dost condemn so severely our 
lusts and the shameful pleasures of the 
world, pray for us. 

Thou who dost remind us so touchingly 
of the Passion of Jesus, pray for us. 


Thou whose apparition is a source of 
salvation for poor sinners, pray for us. 

Thou who dost invite so pressingly the 
just to redouble their fervor, pray for us. 

Thou whose prophetic menaces have so 
justly alarmed the world, pray for us. 

Thou who dost promise so many bless- 
ings if we become converted, pray for us. 

Thou who didst cause to spring up at 
thy feet a fountain of miraculous water, 
pray for us. 

Thou who, after the example of Jesus, 
dost heal every infirmity, pray for us. 

Thou who dost desire to be honored and 
invoked throughout the world, pray for us. 

Thou who didst cause so many works of 
reparation to be undertaken and to 
prosper, pray for us. 

Our Lady of LaSalette, living example 
of charity, pray for us. 

Victim of penance and expiation, pray 
for us. 

Model of modesty and simplicity, pray 
for us. 

Standard of obedience and submission, 
pray for us. 

Source of burning zeal and of the apos- 
tleship, pray for us. 

Loving Mother of the poor and of 
children, pray for us. 

Light of the blind and of the ignorant, 
pray for us. 

Consolation of the sick and of the af- 
flicted, pray for us. 

Hope of the despairing, pray for us. 


Help of the Church militant, pray for 

Advocate of the Church suffering, pray 
for us. 

Glory of the Church triumphant, pray 
for us. 

By thy bitter complaints of men's 
sinfulness, render us docile to the law of 
thy Divine Son, Mary! 

By thy abundant tears, obtain for us 
the grace to weep over our sins, Mary! 

By thy motherly sufferings, obtain for 
us resignation in all our trials, O Mary ! 

By thy apparitions and thy miracles, 
revive the faith of thy people, Mary ! 

By thy mysterious looks towards Rome, 
make us more and more devoted to the 
Holy See, O Mary! 

By thy incomparable tenderness make 
us love thee more and more, O Mary! 

By thy ravishing beauty, make us sigh 
after heaven, O Mary! 

By thy new assumption, draw us after 
thee, O Mary! 


Lord Jesus Christ, who, in Thy infinite 
mercy, didst send to us on the mountain of 
LaSalette Thy ever glorious Mother in 
order to remind us of our Christian duties, 
grant that, moved by her tears and docile 
to her warnings, we may appease in this 
life Thy just anger by a sincere repent- 
ance, and that we may merit by our good 
works the grace to enjoy Thee eternally 
in heaven. Thou who livest and reignest 
world without end. Amen. 



Remember, our Lady of LaSalette, true 
Mother of Sorrows, the tears which thou 
didst shed for me on Calvary; be mindful 
also of the unceasing care which thou dost 
exercise to shield me from the justice of 
God; and consider whether thou canst 
now abandon thy child, for whom thou 
hast done so much. Inspired by this con- 
soling thought, I come to cast myself at 
thy feet, in spite of my infidelity and in- 
gratitude. Reject not my prayer, O Virgin 
of reconciliation, convert me, obtain for 
me the grace to love Jesus Christ above 
all things and to console thee too by living 
a holy life, in order that one day I may be 
able to see thee in heaven. Amen. 

An indulgence of 500 days 


Our Lady of LaSalette, Reconciler of 
sinners, pray without ceasing for us who 
have recourse to thee. 

An indulgence of 300 days 

(S.P. Ap., Dec. 12, 1933) 



Most holy Mother, Our Lady of 
LaSalette, who for love of me, didst shed 
such bitter tears in thy merciful appari- 
tion, look down with kindness upon me as 
I consecrate myself to thee without re- 
serve. From this day, my glory shall be 
to know that I am thy child. May I so live 
as to dry thy tears and console thy 
afflicted heart. Beloved Mother, to thee 
and to thy blessed charge and sacred 
keeping and into the bosom of thy mercy, 
for this day and for every day, and for the 
hour of my death I commend myself, 
body and soul, every hope and every joy, 
every trouble and every sorrow, my life 
and my life's end. Deign, O dearest 
Mother, to enlighten my understanding, 
to direct my steps, to console me by thy 
maternal protection, so that exempt from 
all error, sheltered from every danger 
of sin, strengthened against my enemies, 
I may, with ardor and invincible courage, 
walk in the paths traced out for me by 
thee and Thy Son. Amen. 



O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen 
of Heaven and Earth, and tender 
Mother of men, I consecrate to thee my- 
self, my brethren, my country, and the 
whole human race. Reign over us and 
teach us how to make the Heart of Jesus 
reign and triumph in us and around us, 
as It has reigned and triumphed in thee. 
Reign over us, dearest Mother, that we 
may be thine in prosperity and in ad- 
versity; in joy and in sorrow; in health 
and in sickness; in life and in death. O 
most compassionate Heart of Mar>, 
Queen of Virgins, watch over our minds 
and hearts. We want to be pure like 
thee. We want to atone for the many 
crimes committed against Jesus and 
thee. We want to call down upon our 
country and the whole human race the 
peace of God in justice and charity. 
Therefore, we now promise to imitate 
your virtues by the practice of a Chris- 
tian life without regard to human re- 
spect. We resolve to offer to Jesus, 
through your Immaculate Heart, our 
life, just as it is, with its handicaps and 
weaknesses, its past mistakes and fail- 
ures, its talents and abilities, its joys and 
pleasures, its trials and sufferings. We 
offer all that happens every day of our 
life, together with all our thoughts, 
words and actions, in reparation for sin 
and for the conversion of sinners. Amen. 



Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, 
And in our hearts take up Thy rest; 
Come with Thy grace and heavenly aid 
To fill the hearts which Thou has made: 
To fill the hearts which Thou has made. 



Hail! holy Queen enthron'd above, O Maria! 
Hail! Mother of mercy and of love, O Maria! 

Triumph all ye Cherubim, 
Sing with us, ye Seraphim, 
Heav'n and earth resound the hymn: 
Salve! Salve! Salve Regina! 


Our life our sweetness here below, O Maria! 
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, O Maria! 



To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, O Maria! 
To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, O Maria! 



This earth is but a vale of tears, O Maria! 
A place of banishment, of fears, O Maria! 



Turn then most gracious Advocate, O Maria! 
Toward us thine eyes compassionate, O Maria! 

( Chorus ) 


When this our exile is complete, O Maria! 
Show us thy womb-born Jesus sweet, O Maria! 

( Chorus ) 



O salutaris Hostia! 

Quae coeli pandis ostium, 
Bella premunt hostilia, 

Da robur, fer auxilium. 

Uni trinoque Domino 
Sit sempiterna gloria, 

Qui vitam sine termino 
Nobis donet in patria 

Tan turn ergo Sacramentum 

Veneremur cernui, 
Et antiquum documentum 

Novo cedat ritui; 
Praestet fides supplementum 

Sensuum defectui. 

Genitori Genitoque 

Laus et jubilatio, 
Salus, honor, virtus quoque 

Sit et benedictio, 
Procedenti ab utroque 

Compar sit laudatio. Amen. 

V. Panem de coelo praestitisti eis. 

R. Omne delectamentum in se habentem. 



Holy God we praise Thy Name! 

Lord of all, we bow before Thee! 
All on earth Thy sceptre claim, 

All in heav'n above adore Thee: 
Infinite Thy vast domain, 
Everlasting is Thy Reign. (Repeat) 

Hark, the loud celestial hymn, 
Angel choirs above are singing! 

Cherubim and Seraphim, 

In unceasing chorus praising: 

Fill the heavens with sweet accord; 

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord. (Repeat) 


Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All, 
How can I love Thee as I ought? 
And how revere this wondrous gift, 
So far surpassing hope and thought? 

( Chorus ) 

Sweet Sacrament! We Thee adore. 
Oh, make us love Thee more and more. 

Had I but Mary's sinless Heart 

To love Thee with, my dearest King. 

Oh, with what bursts of fervent praise, 

Thy goodness, Jesus, would I sing. (Chorus) 


( Chorus ) 

On this day, O beautiful Mother, 
On this day we give thee our love. 
Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover, 
Trusting thy gentle care to prove. 

On this day we ask to share, 

Dearest Mother, thy sweet care; 

Aid us ere our feet astray, 

Wander from thy guiding way. (Chorus) 



Humbly at thy Shrine, Mary, 
Faithful vows bestowing; 
Ev'ry heart is thine, Mary, 
Queen of LaSalette. 

Thine they are to mold, Mary, 
While with love they're glowing; 
So thy words to hold, Mary, 
Never to forget, 

( Chorus ) 

Humbly at thy Shrine, Mary, 
Faithful vows bestowing; 
Loving hearts and longing, Mary, 
Keep us near to thee, evermore. 


In tears Our Lady showed herself 
That day at LaSalette, 

And begged that mortals make amends 
With penance and regret. 

She spoke to him, a shepherd boy, 
And her, a shepherdess, 

To spread her word to all the world 
For peace and happiness. 


Dear Weeping Mother, let us pray 
To your beloved Son, 

And ask His great forgiveness for 
The wrongs that we have done. 

Help us to follow in His path, 
And never to forget 

The kindly warnings that you spoke 
In tears at LaSalette. 


^txt" ^<r~ -^(T'^xr' >r 7>G y ' ^(p- ^c- ~^<r- 


You may help ... to support the students here in 
Ipswich during the years of their training to be- 
come missionary priests by enrolling as members 
of the LaSalette Seminary Aid Society. You may 
also enroll the departed. 

The benefits of the Society are a remembrance 
in the daily prayers and good works of the 
Community, as well as in the Masses said each 
day during May and September and on each 
Saturday of the year. Besides this, three Novenas 
of Masses are said each month, from the 11th to 
the 19th, just for the members. 14 Shrine- Lites," 
a paper containing the news of the Shrine in 
Ipswich, is sent to the members each month of 
the year. 

The annual enrollment for a living or departed 
person is $1.00, to announce which Spiritual 
Bouquet cards will be sent on request. 

The Perpetual Enrollment for one person is 

The Perpetual Enrollment of an entire family 
is $50.00. 

October 3, 1945 

My dear Father: 

I give my fervent blessing and heartfelt ap- 
proval to your Seminary Aid Society. Its 
objective is the support of the young men called 
by God to train for the missionary life at the 
LaSalette Seminary, Ipswich, Mass. There is no 
greater charity. 

Whoever helps to train missionaries has a 
share in their apostolic merits and good works. 
May God be good to all those who become 
identified as friends or benefactors with this 
noble work. 

Devotedly yours in the Lord, 
* R. J. Cushing 
Archbishop of Boston 



. . . owe their origin to this Apparition of 
Our Lady and they are inspired by her 
concluding words: "My children, you will 
make this known to all my people." 

The Fathers are engaged in preaching 
missions and retreats, in doing parish 
work, in laboring in the mission districts 
of the United States and also in the 
foreign missions. Lay-brother members 
of the Congregation fulfill duties which 
do not demand the priestly office. 

The Congregation has foundations in 
Switzerland, Madagascar, Northwest 
Canada, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, 
England, Argentina, Angola, Burma and 
the Philippines. 

Here in Ipswich, students of the 
American Province of the Missionaries 
spend the final years of their preparation 
for the Priesthood. 

Those desirous of being Missionaries 
of Our Lady of LaSalette may begin their 
training by entering the preparatory 
seminary in Hartford, Connecticut, at 
any time after they finish the eighth grade. 

Address: Vocational Director, LaSalette 
Seminary, 85 New Park Ave., Hartford 6, 



Please include the following intentions among 
those remembered at the Shrine: 

□ World Peace 

□ Holy Father 

□ Those in Service 

□ Happy Marriage 

□ Peace in the Home 

□ Love of Neighbor 

□ Peace of Mind 

□ Success in Studies 

□ Souls in Purgatory pi 

□ Husband ' 

□ Wife 

□ Son » 

□ Daughter 

□ Father 

□ Mother 1 

□ Brother m 

□ Sister 

□ Relatives 

□ Friends m 

□ Conversion 

□ Good Health 

□ Employment 

□ Vocation 

□ Thanksgiving 

□ Happy Death 

□ Special Intentions 

This Page may be torn off and placed in the 
intention or offering boxes, or sent by mail to 
the Shrine. 


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